S2E21 – German Panzer Generals  – Dr David Stahel

Combat Morale Podcast
S2E21 - German Panzer Generals  - Dr David Stahel
Dr. David Stahel from the University of New South Wales, Canberra, discusses his latest book, “German Panzer Generals,” and explores the motivations and morale of these soldiers who played pivotal roles in Germany’s military effort on the Eastern Front. While the significance of figures like Heinz Guderian is widely acknowledged, this discussion focuses on the lesser-known panzer commanders serving on the Eastern Front, offering a perspective derived from their unpublished wartime letters to their wives. The discussion delves into their private fears, public pressures, and the complex moral dilemmas that these military leaders faced as they conducted operations in the Soviet Union. This episode not only highlights the lives of panzer commanders Guderian, Hoepner, Reinhardt, and Schmidt but also provides a deeper understanding of the institutional norms and cultural ethos of the Wehrmacht’s Panzertruppe.