S1E13 – Dr Matthew Ford – Soldiers, guns and morale

Combat Morale Podcast
Combat Morale Podcast
S1E13 - Dr Matthew Ford - Soldiers, guns and morale

Dr Matthew Ford, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex, talks about his research into soldiers, guns and morale. He explores the relationship between soldiers, their personal weapons and their will to fight. Central to the discussion is what he calls the socio-technical relationship between a combatant and their weapon. He considers the implications of the work of S.L.A. Marshall, who wrote after the Second World War wrote that only one quarter of infantry soldiers in combat actually fired their weapon at the enemy, and the challenges this research posed to weapon designers. This interview is based on Matthew’s latest book ‘Weapon of Choice: Small Arms and the Culture of Military Innovation’ that was published by OUP in 2017.