S2E2 – Dissent and indiscipline in the Indian Army during WW1 – Dr Adam Prime

Combat Morale Podcast
Combat Morale Podcast
S2E2 - Dissent and indiscipline in the Indian Army during WW1 - Dr Adam Prime
Dr. Adam Prime, an independent scholar, has conducted extensive research into the issue of dissent and indiscipline within the Indian Army during the Great War. He talks about his research that sheds light on a topic that has often been overlooked in the historiography of the First World War. Adam’s research highlights the fact that there were a significant number of incidents of dissent, ill-discipline, and mutiny by Indian Army units during the war. These incidents occurred for a variety of reasons, including poor living and working conditions, low pay, and mistreatment by British officers. One particularly notable incident was the 1915 Singapore Mutiny, which saw Indian troops rebel against their British officers. This mutiny was sparked by rumours that the British were planning to send Indian soldiers to fight in Europe, where they would be exposed to harsher conditions than they were used to. The mutiny was eventually put down by British forces, but it highlighted the growing discontent among Indian troops. Adam’s research also explores the actions taken by the military authorities to manage the problem of dissent and indiscipline. These included harsh punishments, such as flogging and imprisonment, as well as efforts to improve living and working conditions for Indian soldiers.